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Keerpunt is an experienced player in the field of occupational health services, reintegration, case management and the future of sustainable work. We are the connecting link between insurer/power of attorney and employer/employees. We offer a customised approach to absenteeism prevention and advice on amended legislation. We also support intermediaries with customers who use our services. This makes Keerpunt an excellent partner.

Keerpunt – General information

Society is constantly changing, just like the market we operate in. Keerpunt views changes in the relationship between people and work as a dynamic process and translates these changes into progress. Nearly all of us are faced with changing social security legislation, such as the amended Working Condition Act and the modernised Sickness Beneft Act. This is a good reason to explore what kind of insurance and service provider best suits your current needs and requirements.

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Keerpunt – Return to Work Regulations (Partially Disabled Persons)

As an own risk bearer, you are potentially responsible for former employees who receive a benefit under the Return to Work (Partially Disabled Persons) Regulations for a period of ten years. You are responsible for the reintegration of your (former) employee for the first two years (104 weeks) of occupational disability. Ten years is added from when the benefit is paid out. You therefore pay reintegration costs for a maximum of 12 years.

Furthermore, as an employer, you not only have a financial responsibility, but are also required to accompany the reintegration of sick (former) employees. This applies to permanent as well as temporary employees. Your (former) employee can expect you to go all out to help him or her back to work. On the other hand you can expect your (former) employee to make an outmost effort to find suitable work.

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Keerpunt – Occupational Health Services

Having a sick employee is not pleasant, neither for the employee nor for the employer, particularly if the sickness is long term. In the event of absenteeism, the employee and employer have a number of statutory obligations. The employer is required to pay the salary of a sick employee for a maximum of two years. For many employers, this is a significant expense, not just paying the salary, but also the costs involved in the loss of production and having to find a replacement. An absent employee costs an employer an average of 250 to 400 euros a day.

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Keerpunt – Sickness Benefits Act

Employees who are sick when their employment ends or who become sick within four weeks of after the termination of employment, are entitled to a benefit under the Sickness Benefits Act for a maximum of 104 weeks (two years). If the former employee is still occupationally disabled after these two years, he or she receives a benefit under the Work and Income (Capacity for Work) Act during a maximum of ten years.

As an employer, you finance the benefit under the Sickness Benefits Act and the benefit under the Work and Income (Capacity for Work) Act. You can take out insurance for this with the Employee Insurance Agency or an insurance company. In both cases, you will pay a premium so that your sick former employee receives either of these benefits. You can, of course, choose to pay the benefit yourself.

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Keerpunt – Sustainable Employability

Employers aim for the best possible financial performance. Having the right person in the right job can make all the difference. Investing in employees leads to reduced absenteeism, greater engagement and improved performance. Employers can ensure that employees meet expectations, now and in the future. This is sustainable employability.

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